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Who we are & why we do it..

we understand how important our pets are as we strive to use the safest chemicals on all our cleans where possible .


Pride in what we do..

When i started Aquavan I wanted to offer a service to help everybody to be able to maintain the exterior of there premises whether business or home ,After Covid the relevance that this was needed in other area's like park's, communal area's and even carpark's become more apparent to us all , My hope is to offer our window cleaning and high pressure  services to all and help maintain our towns and cities and areas near me to a high standard enticing businesses and people alike to visit and spend within our communities ensuring we together all benefit. Whether its just your windows or driveway clean or a whole apartment block everybody can do there bit in maintaining a cleaner environment and we at aquavan want to help you achieve that. 

Disclaimer..The dog (Bailey) does not clean windows or drives.

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