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A roof scrape is the best and most cost effective way to remove access weight and organic material from the roof .Moss holds moisture and not only adding unnecessary weight to you home its is can cause a whole list a problems down the line.We scrape the roof as clean as possible before finishing with a biocide treatment and a gutter clean. We never step foot on the roof itself everything is done from the safety of a tower ,pictures of before and after a provided and a clean of the work area before leaving the property.


We are Trained to use this product via the manufacturer them selves so we always adhere to the best practise possible as recommended via there instruction so you can rest assured that choosing Aquavan every box is ticked. 

After a roof scrape biocide is applied via telescopie spray this kills all green growth and organic matter upon the roof although there is not instant visual results this process works over time killing all green growth for months afterwards ensuring lasting results. 

ticking all the boxes at aquavan exterior cleaning


Pressure cleaning of a roof is a more harsh treatment ,using our specialist equipment it gives instant results and removes virtually all visual dirt and grime,  afterwards a chemical treatment is used to ensure a spotless finish .This is not recommended for the more fragile roof as it can cause more damage to a already fragile area so after a inspection by ourselves of the property this style of cleaning may or may not be possible .Again nobody physically steps on the roof itself work is completed from the safety of a scaffold tower ,before and after pictures are provided and a gutter clean and wash down before leaving the property. 

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